The Dirty Truth About Dog Poop No One Ever Told You

Today’s topic is the public health risk of dog waste. Sure, it’s an icky subject but if you’re a dog owner, sooner or later it becomes your duty.

I recently completed a YouTube collab project video with Dr. Alexander Avery from Our Pet’s Health in New Zealand. Dr. Avery graciously allowed me to teach his audience about a nasty habit that many dogs have…coprophagia. He also agreed to let me interview him about the public health risk of dog waste.

It was a fascinating interview. Dr. Avery confirmed several things that I have been saying over the years as a professional pooper scooper but he also taught me some things I didn’t know.

Make sure you visit both channels to see both videos. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share so we can reach more pet owners who care about improving life for their families and pets.

PetCorps Channel

Our Pet’s Health Channel


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