Is cat grooming necessary?

If you’re a first-time cat owner, you might be surprised to know there is such a thing as cat grooming. But is this service really necessary? I sat down with Terry Suchernick, a professional cat groomer with over 30 years of experience grooming cats. Here’s what I learned.

Terry currently works at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City as well as the Northland Animal Welfare Society in Gladstone. At NAWS, Terry grooms cats by appointment while you wait or watch.

Cat grooming is a necessary service. Cat groomers can help you identify potential health problems by observing the skin, coat, ears, and gums of your feline friends.

While cats are known to dislike water, they actually enjoy the grooming experience. Unlike dogs, who seek approval from their owners and will cooperate through a grooming session, cats actually prefer to be groomed because it is a bonding experience for them.

How much does cat grooming cost?

While prices may vary by location, Terry told me that her rates range between $35-$50 per hourly grooming session. These are very reasonable rates.

Where can I find a cat groomer near me?

Of course, you can Google the phrase “cat groomers near me,” but Terry suggested going to the Professional Cat Groomers Association. Their website allows you to search for members by state.

When selecting a cat groomer, you’ll want to look for someone who is enthusiastic about grooming cats. Terry said if you call and their response is lacking excitement, they are probably not the best company to use for grooming your cats.

Do all cats need to be groomed?

Maine Coon CatTerry explained that some breeds of cat need to be groomed more often than others. For example, these breeds should be groomed:

  • Persians
  • Maine Coons
  • Norwegian Forest Cats
  • Dense short hairs
  • Long hair cats

It makes sense to groom the longer haired cats because they are most at risk of getting their hair tangled and matted.

Are there different ways to style a cat?

The short answer is yes. According to Terry, the most popular way of styling a cat is the lion clip.

Lovely Ollie clean and clipped #persiancats #catgroomersofinstagram #boronia #Melbourne #lionclip

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With the lion clip, the body fur is clipped close and the facial fur is styled like a lion’s mane.

Other styles include the fox clip and dragon clip.

What can I do at home to manage my cat’s fur?

Terry said it is better to start grooming cats when they are young so they can acclimate to the process. Once they become used to regular grooming, they will be much easier to groom later on. That’s not to suggest that older cats cannot be groomed. It may just take some patience and understanding to gain your cat’s approval.

To help you at home, Terry recommends getting a slicker brush.

To learn more about Terry, visit her website at You can email her at

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