How do I setup auto-payment?

Automatic billing is easy to setup.

Two ways to set up Automatic Billing include:

  • Contacting your bank
  • Sign up with PayPal

Contacting your bank

Some of our customers elect to setup automatic billing with their bank of choice. It is usually a simple process.

To setup Automatic Billing with your bank, ensure that you provide the following information to the bank:

  • Payee name: PetCorps.
  • Your PetCorps Account Number: Find this number on your invoice in the top right.
  • PetCorps’ Address: Your bank will mail us a check automatically, so make sure you have our correct address. When mailing paper checks or setting up automatic payments with your bank, address checks to PetCorps, P.O. Box 516, Radcliff, KY 40159-0516.

Sign up with PayPal

To setup Automatic Billing with PayPal, click here. When asked the maximum amount to be billed, enter the amount of your normal invoice. Sometimes, we issue credits for missed services or overpayments. When this happens, we will adjust your bill down from the regular amount. You will never pay more than the regular amount.


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