Helping people help their pets

I founded PetCorps in 2007.

PetCorps is a pet services business that specializes in helping pet owners improve the quality of life for their families and pets.
Two ways we do this includes:

  • Dog waste cleanup
  • Pet sitting

We believe that pets are family. They should be respected and loved to the best of our ability. They depend on us to live the best life possible.

Why clean up matters

Cleaning up after the dog is an unpleasant activity for pet owners. However, not cleaning up dog waste could expose kids and pets to parasites and disease-causing organisms.

Treating infection can be costly compared to the price of prevention.

We find, collect, haul away, and safely dispose of dog waste. We make owning a dog more enjoyable.

Why pet sitting is a great idea

Boarding can be stressful for dogs and cats. Pets often find themselves confined to stainless steel cages with very little time for exercise.

Add to this the sounds and smells of strange animals and you begin to understand how stressful boarding can be.

We help pet owners provide their pets with a relaxing environment by keeping them calm at home while we visit them throughout the day.

How it all started

You’re probably wondering how I came up with this idea of helping people help their pets.
In 2002, I volunteered for the Army. I enlisted to become a veterinary technician. It was one of my favorite experiences. As a vet tech, I performed various tasks to support the veterinarian in providing care to dogs and cats. It was out of this experience that PetCorps was born.

When I left the military, starting a business seemed like a great idea. Prompted by a sermon by my pastor, I sought startup ideas. I ended up at and discovered a category for pet businesses. I was astonished to learn that I could be a professional pooper-scooper. From that moment, I began envisioning what PetCorps would eventually become.

In January, I will have been in business for 10 years. I clean over 40 yards a week in 5 counties surrounding and including Hardin County. I pet sit for 5 regular customers in Hardin and Meade County.

To get a quote for either service, visit and click the appropriate link.


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