Dogs of justice: Run to support police dogs

Sometimes, a dog is more than a dog. A dog is an unsung hero of justice serving alongside a professional dog handler striving to protect the citizens of a community.

Some people fail to realize the importance of these cops with paws. Denise Elliott is on a mission to change that so that our communities can be safer for everyone.

Denise is an Army reservist who spent nearly two years deployed in Iraq. There, she became acquainted with military working dogs (MWDs) while conducting convoy operations. It was then that she developed a deep level of respect for these K9 soldiers.

Because of that experience, in 2015, Denise started a national non-profit organization known as Cops with Paws. The purpose of her organization is to help raise money for the placement of police K9s.

She is working with a vendor in Arkansas to place a police dog in service alongside a handler in Meade County, Kentucky. She explained that the initial cost of the dog is about $10,000. However, she said, “Vehicles need to be outfitted and weekly training is necessary, that cost can sometimes go up to $15,000.”

To help raise the necessary funds to acquire a trained police dog, Cops with Paws will host a 5k/8k run/walk at Freeman Lake in Elizabethtown today.

The biggest draw to the event, is the Halloween Dress Up & Dress Your Dogs Costume Contest. Participants can bring their dogs dressed in costume for a chance to win a 1st place medal.

The costume contest starts at 8:30 a.m. At 9 o’clock, the 5k run kicks off. Minutes later, the 8k run begins.

Anyone who wants to participate can sign up to run or walk. Dogs are welcome!

Online registration is closed but runners and walkers can register at the event for $40.

For more information, check out the event’s Facebook page.

PetCorps Professional Pet Care is a proud sponsor of this event


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