Reading Roundup: September 16


Are you worried about leaving your dog at home alone?

For many dog owners leaving their dog alone at home brings up fears of dogs acting out in destructive ways. Why does this happen?

One of the main reasons that dogs adopt destructive behaviors when left alone is because they are social animals. They were originally pack members and they enjoy being in each other’s company.

Over the years, we have selectively bred dogs to be able to work alongside of us and perform different job functions. Because of this, dogs that are left home alone with nothing to do often become bored.

So what can you do to combat boredom in your pets?

This article from published two years ago in September is still very relevant to pet owners today. It offers 26 simple ways to help your dog overcome boredom.

Because the post is comprehensive, it is a bit longer than some of the previously shared reading roundups. So this week, we will only be offering one post for our reading round up. Next week, will hope to share some more articles that you will find to be very helpful in helping you to care for your dogs.

Here are some quick highlights from the article:

  • Hide some treats around the house and have your dog sniff them out
  • “Contrary to myth playing tug of war with your dog will not make him aggressive.”
  • Add some variation to the usual walking routine by trying different routes
  • Offer your dog a mentally stimulating dog toy like a Kong
  • Help your dog’s mental development by practicing simple obedience commands
  • Alternate dog toys to keep him interested

These are just some of the ideas Jen Gabbard shares in her article, 26 Quick & Simple Ways to Relieve Dog Boredom. So break out the pen and paper and get ready to jot down some notes. This article is bursting with ideas that will surely improve your dog’s quality of life while also building his relationship with you.


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