Book Review: EntreLeadership

Over the past few years, I have read several different books that have contributed to my success in business. If I had to pick one book that has had the most influence, it would have to be EntreLeadership by money-expert Dave Ramsey.

I first heard about Dave Ramsey in 2013 when I signed up for a Bible study within the YouVersion® Bible app. After completing the five day study, I told my wife we should sign up for Financial Peace University.

While reading through Financial Peace Revisited, I started to wonder if there was an equivalent financial plan for operating a business. That’s when I discovered EntreLeadership.

Before I bought the book, I downloaded the podcast. At the time, Chris Hogan was hosting the podcast and I began to pick up lessons from listening to guest interviews.

After listening for a short time, I bought the book and read it within a week.

My biggest takeaway was that the game plan Dave laid out in his book was practical common-sense application–nowhere close to what I learned in business school. College was mostly theory. The lessons I learned in college were valuable but I admit had I simply bought this book to begin with there would have been no need to go to college.

If you are unfamiliar with the term EntreLeader, fear not. Dave defines the term early on in the book. The simplest way to illustrate it is this:

  1. List the qualities of an entrepreneur.
  2. List the qualities of a leader.

When you compare these lists side-by-side, it is easy to see how a business owner would want both entrepreneurs and leaders on your team. However, if you had one or the other exclusively, it would become clear very early how difficult it is to manage one set.

However, if you could somehow train your entrepreneurs leadership skills and teach your leaders entrepreneurial skills, you would have a team of EntreLeaders that are unstoppable.

Speaking of unstoppable, that reminds me of the most profound concept from the book. The Momentum Theorem. I’m not going to spoil that for you but if you’re the least bit interested, I strongly encourage you to get the book.

Over the last few years, people wanting to start pooper scooper businesses have come to me with questions. I’m always eager to answer them and to share my experience but I always tell them to read EntreLeadership because it really did make a big difference in how I run my business.

Before I started reading it, I wasn’t sure whether I would continue operating PetCorps. I only had 13 customers and I was really discouraged as to whether I could make it grow. After I finished the book, within three months, I had more than tripled my customer base! It sounds incredible, I know, but I truly believe that this book was the turning point in my business career.

Overall Rating

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 stars


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