Is your dog modest when it comes to going potty?

I recently appeared on 93.5 FM WMMG radio’s Edgewise talk radio program to discuss the reasons why pet owners should clean up after the dog. We ended up discussing more than that and never had time to answer caller questions. Fortunately, another radio personality answered some calls off air and relayed the information to Steve Robbins and me.

One caller said, “Never watch your dog go potty or it won’t go.”

That’s an interesting statement. It made me wonder if dogs show modesty the way humans do when observed going potty. My initial thought is that this is simply anthropomorphising dogs by projecting a human quality or emotion onto a non-human animal. However, I have been on the end of a leash where I have had to stand patiently while looking away so the dog would do its business. Was this modesty?

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below to let us know.


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