Naming the business

That’s when I started brainstorming names for the business. One of the funniest names I came up with was Crapture (a play on words, see because I am a Christian who believes in the rapture, essentially, I would be rapturing the crap from people’s yards). Then I learned that crapture is actually a derogatory word used by unbelievers. So I abandoned that idea and downloaded a free business name generator. I plugged in the word ‘pet’ and it started giving me different ideas. Eventually, it spit out the name Pet Core. I liked the way that sounded, but I took it a step further.

In the Army, I worked as a member of the “vet corps.” I saw right away how Pet Corps sounded a lot like vet corps and thus the name came to be. It was a perfect fit because a corps is a body of people that work together on a mission or goal. A corps, like soldiers in a platoon, or Marines serving on the battlefield, represented my military ties.

This seemed to fit because the overall vision of the business would involve a corps of pet care professionals to bring it to fruition. So the business became known as Pet Corps.

After naming it, I talked to a roommate of mine who worked with me at Java Jireh. Chris was very talented at drawing so I asked him to sketch me a logo. In rudimentary fashion, he used an ink pen on a coffee house napkin to draw what appeared to be an inverted military rank insignia like soldiers wore half a century ago. It had two rockers pointing up and two chevrons pointing down. Technically, that doesn’t represent any military rank but it was a great start.

I talked to a brother in my church, Abraham, and he suggested using the master sergeant rank. He said that would add credibility to the company image. I followed his suggestion and created a poorly generated computer image using MS Paint. Another church member was talented with graphic design so I paid her to clean up the image. She did.

The original colors of Pet Corps were burgundy, gray, green, and white. I adopted burgundy and gray from the vet corps and the green represented the grass and the white simply outlined the letters. This was the first logo I used for Pet Corps.


Over the years, the logo changed. The first change removed the gray and substituted white. In addition, the word colors were inverted so that the letter outline was dark green and the letter fill was white. It was the modified logo that first appeared on my first work t-shirts.


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