Send me your questions

This week, I have an amazing opportunity to appear on a local radio program. The program is called Edgewise and airs on 93.5 FM WMMG in Brandenburg. 

A couple years ago, I appeared on the program and it was great fun. I remember when I arrived at the station discovering that it was a one-hour program on talk radio. Boy, was I nervous…and I think the host was also! Before I arrived, he checked my website and learned what my company did. He confessed to me that he wasn’t sure we would be able to talk dog poop for a whole hour. If that didn’t make me more nervous. 

We went on air and started out talking about my story and how I became a professional pooper scooper. Then, we touched on a different topic with each segment. In the last few segments, I answered live calls on the air fielding questions from the audience. 

That brings me to the purpose of this post.

I want your questions.

If you have any questions about pet care, dog waste cleanup, parasites, and the like, send them to me. I’ll use them as a springboard to prepare for this week’s program but I will also respond to them with blog posts.

How can you send them to me? Simply add a comment below to contribute your question.

Ready? Set. Go!


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