Equipment Review: Boulder Trash Bags

img_8971I know what you are thinking. Why would I write a review about trash bags? I mean, come on, what’s the big deal about trash bags anyway?

Unless you want to spend time hand washing your Jumbo Debris Pan after every yard, the right trash bag is paramount to efficiently collecting dog waste from yards.

Any bag will do, right? Wrong.

For the longest time, my favorite bag was Glad 13 gallon Tall Kitchen Trash Bags. I bought them from Wal-Mart. Often, they would be out of stock and I would have to buy a substitute bag. I love the four-flap bags the best but when they weren’t available I bought the drawstring bags. This is the worst possible bag to use in your scooping kit because the drawstring makes it difficult to secure the bag to the debris pan. When I bought a generic substitute for Glad, the thickness of the bag wasn’t as strong. Generic bags would tear easily and get holes in them. Certainly a disadvantage when scooping poop.

Then, one day after my wife and I started Dave Ramsey’s plan, my wife started shopping at different stores to get the best deals on groceries. One day, I noticed Aldi carried Boulder 13 gallon tall kitchen trash bags with four flaps. The packaging was stamped with “Compare to Glad.” I was curious so I picked up a box. Ever since then, this has been my bag of choice.



Although Boulder is a private label brand, it is built with quality in mind. The bag isn’t as flimsy as generic alternatives and it stands up against Glad with flying colors.


A box of 80 bags is just under $6 after tax, a huge win for companies cutting back expenses.


Every time I go to Aldi to purchase bags, they are always in stock.


Occasional Bad Batch

A few times, I have purchased a bad batch of bags. I didn’t know right away because many of the bags at the start of the roll would be fine and then I would rub into problems. Two problems I have encountered are non-perforated bags and bags that wouldn’t open. Non-perforated bags were not cut where two bags were joined together so I had to pitch pairs of bags at a time. The ones that wouldn’t open weren’t cut correctly at what would have been the opening of the bag.

Overall Rating

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2 out of 5 stars

Where to buy

Boulder is a private label product distributed by Aldi. A box of 80 bags is under $6.


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