Six reasons to stop resisting dog waste cleanup


While professional poop scooping companies have been around for more than 29 years, there are still many people who prefer to clean up after the dog themselves. And there are still others who avoid the chore altogether because, well, let’s face it…picking up dog poop is disgusting!

I could give you a bunch of reasons why you should clean up after your dog to be a good citizen but instead I’m going to give you six reasons that impact you individually. When you make it personal, you’ll be more likely to tackle this chore or hire someone to do it for you.

Odor Control

Have you ever just ignored picking up dog poop? Sure, we all have. It is a very unpleasant part of pet ownership. Yet, leaving it to sit on your lawn isn’t the best way to deal with it. As it accumulates, its natural odor begins to pollute the air. It ruins a poolside afternoon, a family barbecue, and could even become a nuisance to neighbors. If stepping outside to get a breath of fresh air makes you gag, it is probably time for some serious scooping. Do yourself a favor and keep the yard clean for a pleasant breathing experience.

Greener Lawn

You might be thinking your dreams of a green lawn are doomed if you have more than one dog. But that’s not necessarily so. Make your yard a fun place for people and pets by using “dogscaping,” to create safe areas for dogs to dig without ruining your beautiful landscape. Clean up dog waste regularly to avoid lawn burn. We’ve all seen lawn burn…it is easy to recognize based on its characteristic yellow spots dotted across your lawn. While dog urine is the most likely cause of lawn burn, nitrogen from dog waste can also cause it. Keep the waste cleaned up and the lawn watered for a greener landscape.

Hazard Maintenance

When I was a child, I remember visiting my grandma and stepping in a pile of poo in the backyard. It is one of the most awful experiences I remember. The waste sticks to the bottom of your shoe, it stinks, and it’s down right embarrassing. Keep the yard cleaned up to enjoy it without the fear of stepping in a land mine.

Risk Management

Over the years, pet owners have expressed to me the concern of their dog bringing germs into the house. If a yard is covered in waste, your dog will likely step in it or worse…eat it. Ew…gross! Not only that, a dirty lawn makes for dirty paws and fur. Could your dog be bringing germs into your house without your knowing it? It’s possible. So keep the yard cleaned up to keep the germs out and to help Fido kick the nasty poop-eating habit.

Pest Control

Dog poop attracts rodent pests, such as mice and rats, because it is a food source for them. Yuck! Not only do mice and rats eat this stuff, they also carry with them disease-causing organisms that can make dogs or humans sick. Keeping the yard clean helps keep the rats out.

Parasite Prevention

Did you know you could get roundworms or hookworms from your canine companion? Roundworm infection in humans leads to blindness and hookworm infection could result in anemia. In most cases, infection happens in children who play in contaminated soil and practice poor personal hygiene habits. We recommend teaching your children good hygiene habits to help reduce their risk of infection. However, we also recommend regular use of de-worming medicines and regular yard maintenance to help reduce the risk of exposure to these harmful organisms.


If you’re a do-it-yourself pooper scooper, we recommend cleaning up after your pet each time it goes potty using the bagged-hand method.

  1. Place your hand inside a bag.
  2. Grasp the waste with your bagged-hand and pull the bag inside out.
  3. Tie off the bag and dispose of it in your trash.

If you don’t want to get up close and personal with the dog waste, we don’t blame you. Instead, try picking up the waste at least once a week using reliable scooping equipment. We recommend a lobby dust pan lined with a trash bag and a rake or shovel.

But if this chore is too repulsive for you, don’t worry. We get it. Plus, you have better things to do with your time than to scoop dog poop, don’t you? If so, why not hire a professional to do the dirty work for you?

In Central Kentucky, contact PetCorps Professional Pet Care. We find, collect, and haul away dog waste for safe disposal. We offer service once-a-month, once every other week, once-a-week, and twice-a-week.

Outside of our area, check the directories at and for a company in your area.


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