Reading Roundup: August 19


I’ve read several interesting posts this week all about different aspects of pet care. From knowing what to do to break up dog fights, to whether declawing is appropriate, to a heroic rescue by an animal control officer, there’s a lot of great information circulating around the web this week.

Do you know the best way to break up a dog fight and come out unscathed?

I can remember a time or two when I was growing up where my pet dogs would get into scraps with one another. If you’ve ever experienced this, it can be quite terrifying. Our first instinct is to break up the dog fight but if we act before we think, we could end up with some serious injuries. In this article, discover:

  • several methods you can use to break up a dog fight
  • signs of interdog aggression
  • how to recognize and discourage aggressive behaviors in your puppy

NJ politician introduces statewide declaw ban

In case you didn’t know it, a declaw procedure is considered major surgery. Here’s why: it is actually an amputation surgery. Take a look at your hands. Notice how your fingers are segmented by three knuckle joints. Your finger nail rests on the distal joint. Now, imagine you are a cat about to undergo a declaw surgery. The veterinary professionals performing this procedure will be completely cutting off that distal joint. It is often a painful procedure and recovery is often difficult.

Do you think this is a procedure that should or should not be performed on cats? Let us know in the comments.

Spot Check: You probably aren’t washing your cat and dog’s food and water dishes enough

When I worked at Animal Control, we washed the food dishes daily. As a pet owner, however, I have been guilty of washing the dishes only when they look nasty. This article encourages you to improve your dish washing habits to improve the life of your furbabies.

Hero Animal Control Officer Rappels 100 Feet Down into a Ravine to Save a Puppy

What an incredible dedication to animal care! This animal control officer went above and beyond the call of duty to rescue a puppy that slid into a ravine.

Proper Pet Waste Disposal: How to Protect People and the Environment

This week’s reading roundup wouldn’t be complete without a story on pet waste cleanup and disposal. In this article, you’ll find out:

  • how dog poop is harmful to humans
  • how dog poop is harmful to the environment
  • why it isn’t useful for fertilizing your lawn or vegetable garden

Extra Credit

The last article included a link to an article by the Environmental Protection Agency. If you skipped over it, you’ll definitely want to take the time to read it because it discusses how nitrogen and phosphorus from dog waste can provide a nutrient source for blue-green algae in source water. We first wrote about this after Toledo, OH faced a water crisis in August 2014.

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