Taking the first step


I decided that the best thing I could do was meet with my pastor to discuss my business idea.

I scheduled a meeting with Pastor Marty at Java Jireh Coffee Shop. Pastor Marty was sitting at a booth under a dimly lit coffee house light. She was seated behind her laptop computer when I slid into the seat across from her. She tucked the laptop away and greeted me warmly.

“Earlier this year, you preached a message from the pulpit saying that God would inspire members of our church to start a business,” I said. “I always believed that I would be one of those people who would start a business. I just didn’t know what.”

She nodded intently, listening. “I was researching business ideas and you’ll never believe what I found. As a former vet tech, I really believe this is right up my alley. What do you think about me starting a pooper scooper business?”

Intrigued, she asked me what that would look like.

“From my research, it appears that people have been doing this for over 20 years,” I said. “Basically, I will be going to people’s houses and cleaning up the dog waste from their yards and disposing of it for them. I know from experience that most people don’t like to do it and they certainly don’t like stepping in it. But I actually have plenty of experience doing it from working in vet clinics.”

She agreed that the business was right up my alley. She also said, “Jason, I appreciate you coming to me for this. Most people don’t even consult their pastor before starting a business, or getting married, so it is good that you are doing this.”

“Well,” I interrupted. “I just want to make sure that I am in God’s will.”

“Jason,” she said very tenderly. “I can’t be the Holy Spirit for you. But I can pray and agree with you that God will anoint you for this work.”

So she did. She prayed right there in the coffee shop that God would anoint me to clean up dog waste as a ministry to other people.

And I did see it as a ministry. In those early moments before PetCorps was brought to life, I saw it as an opportunity to minister the Gospel of Jesus to people. I was prepared that if someone asked me why I would do what appears to be a menial job, that it was an opportunity to serve other people. People who had a need. Not just because they couldn’t fathom cleaning up after the dog, but also because some are unable to do it because of disabilities. And others, like business owners, have more important things to do with their time.

Pastor must have asked me if I knew anything about business because she referred me to speak with a business owner from our church. I told her I would meet with him.

Meanwhile, my plan was to change my major. I was currently taking classes in occupational training and development while enrolled in the Green-to-Gold program at the University of Louisville. Instead of pursuing that degree, I decided to change my degree to business.

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