Reading Roundup


For me, this has been an intense week! I’ve read several blogs and written several of my own as part of the ProBlogger 7 Days to Getting Your Blogging Groove Back Challenge. It’s been a great opportunity to learn from other bloggers around the world and to create fresh new content that I didn’t even know I had in me! To wrap up this challenge, I am sharing with you today a Reading Roundup. Enjoy!

10 Human Behaviors That Stress Dogs Out

Ever wondered if you could be the reason behind your stressed out pooch? This article shares the top 10 human behaviors we engage in that can cause elevated stress in our canine companions.

Why is my dog staring at me?

If you’ve ever had that sneaky suspicion that someone is watching you…you may be right. Find out why dogs stare at their owners so you can better understand their needs and be a great pack leader.

Why Does My Dog… Lick Me?

Some experts say that licking is a sensory tool dogs use to get a “grip” on their environment. In many cases, it is just one way your dog shows affection. In other ways, it could represent a destructive behavior.

She’s Just A Vet Tech

Okay, I’ll be honest. This one resonated with me JUST a little bit. Why? Because the truth is vet techs are the unsung heroes of veterinary medicine. They are usually the eyes, hands, feet, and mouthpiece of a very busy veterinarian. Vet techs are highly trained, competent medical professionals that should be regarded as such. Remember that next time you’re tempted to view them as “JUST a vet tech.”



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