How does hiring a pooper scooper help my dog?

Shepherd MixAnother great question to ask when deciding to hire a professional pooper scooper is how it helps your dog. If you have already considered the benefits to you, you may also be wondering how it benefits your dog.

Three ways hiring a pooper scooper directly benefits your dog are that a pooper scooper:

  1. Reduces your dog’s exposure to pathogens
  2. Reduces  your dog’s poop-eating behavior, and
  3. Identifies potential health problems in your dog

Reduces exposure to pathogens

Dogs often excrete bacteria and parasites in their waste. Because the dog is an important part of the life cycle of certain parasites, the process of excreting the parasites into the environment allows the process to continue.

Roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms can become a perpetual problem if not treated monthly.

It’s important to note that medicine is not always 100% effective, so in addition to administering medicine the waste should be cleaned up and disposed.

Reduces your dog’s poop eating habit

Ew…gross! But if you have owned a dog more than a day, you know that dogs will sometimes eat their own waste. As disgusting as that is, there are ways to curb this behavior.

Vets can offer a supplement that you add to your dog’s food to make the waste less palatable. This can be very effective; however, sometimes dogs eat their own waste just to keep the yard clean.

And if your dog has parasites, this can be a particularly important behavior problem to correct. Why? Because in order for infection to occur, the host organism (your dog) must eat the parasite eggs so the life cycle continues.

Identifies potential health problems with your dog

A trained professional can identify potential health problems in your dog simply by observing the size, shape, and consistency of the waste. Blood and mucous could be a sign of parasites, cancer, or inflammation.


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