How does hiring a pooper scooper help me?

family with dog

If you have ever thought about hiring a professional pooper scooper, you’ve probably asked this question. But the way our mind works, coming up with an answer to that question burns too many calories so we never answer it and subsequently never reap the benefits of a professional pooper scooper.

So allow me to help you answer the question so you can make an informed decision.

Here are four ways it benefits you directly to hire a professional pooper scooper. Hiring a pooper scooper:

  1. Saves you time
  2. Gives you freedom
  3. Reduces your exposure to disease-causing organisms, and
  4. Alerts you of a potential health problem with your dog.

Saves you time

With as many obligations we have these days, there’s not enough time to get everything done that needs to be done. This can leave you feeling out of balance or overwhelmed.

A professional pooper scooper saves you time by taking a necessary chore off your to do list. The job still gets done but it gets done with precise attention to detail. Save time for more important things that matter most to you and leave the dirty work to the professionals.

Gives you freedom

You know that overwhelming feeling we mentioned earlier? That comes from stress. I know when I have a lot of things on my plate it can start to feel stressful and a little bit like I’m a slave to my calendar.

Delegation gives you margin in your schedule. And margin gives you freedom. Take the stress out of your life and enjoy the best life has to offer when you hire a professional pooper scooper.

Reduces your exposure to disease-causing organisms

This benefit isn’t an obvious benefit but it is still important to you. Dogs often excrete bacteria and other pathogens in their waste which can actually cause illness in people. Roundworms and hookworms can infect children resulting in blindness or anemia, respectively. Other concerns are E. coli and Salmonella.

Avoid coming in contact with these disease-causing organisms by having your yard cleaned regularly.

Alerts you to potential health problems in your dog

The gut is the gateway to a healthy body. Observing waste for potential health problems is important but it can also be a disgusting and smelly job.

A trained professional can recognize potential health problems by observing waste for size, shape, and consistency. Blood or mucous can be a sign of parasites, cancer, or inflammation. Left unchecked by a veterinarian could spell major health problems for your canine companion.


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