Pooper Scooper Week Kick-Off

Happy National Pooper Scooper Week!

No, seriously, this is not a joke. Pooper Scooper Week is an awareness week intended for helping pet owners to be aware of all the reasons why they should pick up after their dogs.

While we shouldn’t need to be told to pick up after our pets, there seems to be a level of mythology surrounding dog poop.

Myth: Dog poop is great fertilizer for the lawn.

Truth: While dog feces does contain nitrogen, a vital nutrient resource for plants and may cause growth in a localized area, it is not suitable for use as a fertilizer. First of all, to be effective as a fertilizer, the waste would need to be composted for 6 to 8 weeks and allowed to cure for 1 year before use. Then, it could be applied to landscaping features. The USDA does not recommend the use of dog waste compost in gardens as the composting process may not get hot enough to kill all of the pathogens.

Myth: Dog poop is biodegradable so there’s no need to clean up after my pet.

Truth: Dog waste is made up of proteins. Proteins are more durable and take longer to break down than other materials. Because of this, it is not unusual for a pile of waste to erode over the course of a full year. Weather can play a part in the breakdown of dog waste; however, rain can carry away the bacteria and parasites into drainage ditches and sewer systems incapable of removing them through the water purification process. In an EPA study, research found that more than 20% of source water contamination could be traced back to pet dogs in the Seattle area.

Myth: I don’t need to pick up dog poop because the lawn mower takes care of it.

Truth: Although a lawn mower is a powerful piece of equipment, it is not powerful enough to decimate dog waste. Several things could happen to the waste. The tires from the lawn mower could mash the waste into patties. The blades could chop smaller dried waste into bits that get scattered across the lawn. Wet dog waste could stick to the metallic surfaces on the underside of your mower resulting in an unpleasant cleaning experience. In all of these cases, the waste is never eliminated, it is only moved and still remains a health hazard to humans and pets.

Surely, these are not all of the myths circulating about dog waste. They are, however, the ones I often hear from folks.

So as we kick-off National Pooper Scooper Week here in Vine Grove, KY, we wanted to debunk some of the common myths. We also wanted to announce that we are doing something special to celebrate this year.

This year, we have elected to support the Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter, a local organization that helps raise money to support the pets housed in the Hardin County Animal Shelter in Elizabethtown, KY. You can help support the organization by visiting fohcas.org and clicking on the donate button.

Find a pooper scooper in your area by visiting apaws.org. aPaws is the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists, a trade organization of professional pooper scoopers throughout the United States.

PetCorps provides waste removal service to residential customers in Bullitt, Hardin, Jefferson, Meade, and Oldham counties. If you live in our service area, get a quote now and schedule a yard cleaning this week. We will donate 20% of our revenue this week in support of FOHCAS.


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