Why pet insurance is a good play for your finances


The cost of veterinary care is ever increasing. Pets Best Health Insurance helps you provide essential care to your furbabies while saving you money on out-of-pocket costs.

Pets Best Health Insurance offers comprehensive care that other insurance providers do not. With Pets Best Health Insurance you get:

  • 2-5 day claims processing
  • No upper age limits
  • Online claims submission
  • Free direct deposit reimbursement
  • Enroll without a medical exam or medical records
  • Full hereditary and congenital coverage
  • Routine care coverage option

Pets Best Health Insurance covers dogs and cats for accidents, illnesses, surgeries, cancer, and more. It’s very easy to submit a claim online and receive reimbursement for medical expenses within a few days.

Here are four great reasons for getting a pet insurance plan from Pets Best Health Insurance.

Protect your budget

Have you ever taken your pet in for a routine veterinary visit only to discover that your dog or cat has an underlying medical issue that requires treatment? It happens all the time, whether you are faced with parasites, allergies, or unusual lumps and bumps requiring biopsy.

You planned to spend a specific amount of money at the veterinarian but now it looks like you need to spend a little more than expected.

Unexpected changes can be unsettling. However, with an emergency fund in place, you can absorb a little extra without much thought.

But if it turns out that your pet is faced with a significant health issue, the emergency fund might not cover it all.

That’s where the insurance comes in handy. Get the treatment you need, file a claim, and within days receive reimbursement from Pets Best. Simply put it back in your emergency fund or plug it into the budget to offset the unexpected expense.

Transfer the risk

Insurance plans exist to transfer the risk of having to pay for something that could go wrong. Instead of you getting sacked with a large veterinary bill, you cover the little stuff with your emergency fund and let the insurance company cover the big stuff. We all want what’s best for our pets. Don’t let your finances stand in the way of providing your dog or cat with the best life possible.

Access to care

A frequent problem policy holders run into is not having access to care when they need it. Pets Best Health Insurance allows you to get service from any veterinarian, anywhere in the world. That is tremendous access to care!

Fast claims

After getting treatment from your veterinarian of choice, simply go online to fill out a claim. Since its inception, Pets Best Health Insurance has paid over $100 million in claims and pay them in as little as 5 days.

If you’re still curious about whether Pets Best Health Insurance is right for you and your pets, click here to get more information.


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