5 Tips to Help Your Dog Survive the Winter



Winter weather can be a problem for people and pets. Here are a few tips to help you and your companion animals survive a winter storm.

Tip #1 – Make a Dug Out

No, this is not a baseball reference. Simply, select an area of your yard and dig out the snow so your dogs will have a place to go potty without having to plop through deep snow.

Tip #2 – Bring Pets Inside

If your dogs or cats usually spend time outdoors, bring them inside. Although they have fur, dogs and cats are susceptible to winter weather injuries such as frost bite and hypothermia. If it’s not possible to bring them into the house, prepare a shelter for them in your garage away from the elements where they can warm up.

CAUTION: If you plan to keep your pets in the garage, make sure your vehicles haven’t leaked any antifreeze. Antifreeze is ethylene glycol, a sweet smelling and tasting liquid that attracts companion animals. It is also poisonous to pets in small doses.

Tip #3 – Feed them Well and Keep them Watered

To keep warm, dogs and cats burn extra calories and may require additional food portions to maintain their energy and to aid in thermoregulation. Also keep plenty of water on hand so your companion animals do not get dehydrated.

Tip #4 – Avoid Long Walks

If you plan to walk your dog in the snow, make sure it’s not very far. Also avoid walking your dog on surfaces that have been treated with rock salt as this can cause cracked paws, a condition where the skin on the foot pads cracks and begins to bleed.

Tip #5 – Tap Your Hood

The engine block of your car is a warm enclosed area that provides shelter to outside cats. Before starting your car in the morning, pound on the hood of your car to startle any animals that may have sought shelter under your hood.

What are some other tips we may have missed? Share them in the comments.


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