Tails Wag for Dog Park Opening

A week ago, Elizabethtown Mayor Edna Berger and Parks & Recreation Director Seth Breitner welcomed pet owners and their companions to enjoy the new Freeman Lake Dog Park. The grand opening took place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 4 and there was a great turn out.

Josiah and I went to get a good look at the park. The City of Elizabethtown has done a fine job in preparing the dog park. Mayor Berger expressed how the late Mayor Tim Walker had desired to open a dog park for Elizabethtown. Her reaction at that time was, “Isn’t the whole world a dog park?” After Mayor Walker passed, the city began to conduct more research on dog parks. Mayor Berger said she had visited some of the dog parks in Louisville to get some ideas for bringing the Mayor Walker’s vision to pass.

There are two enclosures at the dog park, one for small dogs weighing less than 30 pounds, anJosiah with Snoopyd one for large dogs. I recall seeing a St. Bernard in attendance during the grand opening.

The Hardin County Animal Shelter and Friends of the Hardin County Animal Shelter (FOHCAS) were on site with adoptable dogs from the shelter. Even Snoopy was there.

I even had a chance to meet Director Breitner to congratulate him on a job well done. As we talked, I mentioned how I would be interested in organizing a 5K race to draw awareness to the Elizabethtown Nature Park and Freeman Lake Dog Park. Breitner put me in touch with Elizabethtown Events Coordinator Sarah Vaughn. We talked on the phone the other day and we have come up with some great ideas for a 5k run in the springtime. Now it is time to start planning.

As my family drove away from the dog park that Saturday, I watched as a border collie frolicked with delight off-leash inside the large dog enclosure. My wife remarked how the dogs must be saying, “Freedom!” She was also amazed at how the dogs interacted so freely with one another once their owners unleashed them inside the enclosure. This new addition to Elizabethtown will surely delight dogs and the owners for years to come.

If you’ve visited the Elizabethtown Dog Park, please share your thoughts about it.


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