How much does it cost to start a pooper scooper business?

quiggins-standing-front-2Starting a business doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, with as little as $52 cash, you could start a home-based pet service business.

With free advertising, a free blog, and the power of your social networks in your arsenal, there is really no need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on advertising.

While the least amount of cash required to get started as a professional pooper scooper is $52, extra cost could bring the minimum startup investment up to $500. Even $1,000 startup capital could go a long way in establishing your pet services business.

Your primary activity expenses will be advertising, fuel, and vehicle maintenance. If you set your price at $50 a month for once-a-week service, you will recover your startup costs as soon as you have 10 customers. And, with 10 customers a month starting out, you’ll be bringing home $6000 gross part-time.

Customer acquisition isn’t as easy as you would think.

While many people don’t like picking up dog waste, there is still little awareness about this 28-year-old industry.

You will need to invest plenty of time in marketing your business.

Here are some ways I have sold PetCorps over the years:

  • distributing flyers door-to-door
  • distributing flyers, business cards, and other media to veterinary offices and groomers
  • networking with friends
  • leveraging news media for free publicity
  • developing and publishing content to educate the public about your business

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