Hillview’s Award-Winning Groomer

Groomer at Work

After a busy workweek, I sat down with Ryann DeWeese owner of A+ Pet Grooming II to learn more about her business. It was a brief telephone conversation, but I could tell by the tone of her voice, that Ryann’s passion is her work.

Her mother, Kim Doll, aspired to be a veterinarian after graduating high school at 17. “My Aunt Rosetta, a dog breeder, suggested I learn to groom.” Kim took her aunt’s advice and paid someone $400 to teach her the trade. It didn’t last long because she lost interest and started looking elsewhere for a job.

One day, she got a call from someone who had heard about her. “She heard I was a natural and had talent,” Kim recalls. “She offered to pay me while she finished teaching me. The rest is history.”

Kim started A+ Pet Grooming in 1991. Ryann was 5 at the time and it became a way of life for her. A+ Pet Grooming II in Hillview opened in 2004.

“We come highly recommended,” she told me. They provide dog grooming only, no boarding.

A  Pet Grooming

I recently read about Norfolk Terriers whose double-coat requires hand stripping instead of clipping. When asked about this Ryann informed me, “Terriers like the Schnauzer and Norwich usually require it. It’s a service we do not provide because it’s usually very expensive and most people don’t know to even ask for it.”

Ryann has five employees at her store and nine employees at the other store. Her store draws customers from Fern Creek, Shepherdsville, and Mount Washington. The Okolona location attracts customers from Okolona, Downtown Louisville, and Southern Indiana.

Ryann has two dogs whose yard I keep clean. One is a poodle named Doodle. Ryann grooms her own dogs and from what I can tell, she does her craft very well. In fact, Ryann told me about Doodle’s adventures in grooming competitions.

“In 2010, I went to a competition at PetQuest.” PetQuest is a leading resource for groomers in the Midwest. They hold an annual competition. “I took a Standard Poodle and a Goldendoodle.” She won 2nd and 4th place respectively.

One of the categories is in creative grooming. “It was a superhero theme,” Ryann recounts. “I won that with my Standard Poodle Doodle. I dyed his hair and cut him into Captain America.”

Doodle the Poodle as Captain America


While she doesn’t compete often, she has a desire to compete again in the future.

Ryann also gives back by doing work with the Humane Society and the Shamrock Foundation.

A+ Pet Grooming II in Hillview is located at 6234 N Preston Hwy and is open Monday from 10-5, Tuesday-Friday from 8:30-5, and Saturday from 8-5. A+ Pet Grooming in Okolona is located at 5906 Preston Hwy (across from Feeders Supply) and is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call 502-957-2275 in Hillview or 502-964-6111 in Okolona to schedule your appointment.


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