3 Reasons to Adopt a Pet from the Etown Shelter

If you’re looking to add a pet dog or cat to your family and don’t know where to go, you will definitely want to visit the Hardin County Animal Shelter in Elizabethtown.

There’s a stigma people have about adopting a shelter pet. The perception most people share is that shelter pets are “damaged goods.” That’s a lie we’ve been told by friends and family members who only buy pets from a breeder or the pet store. In fact, pet store animals are usually in worse shape because the pet store is usually the last stop for puppy mill dogs that cannot get adopted.

Puppy mills are essentially organizations that breed large litters of animals. The standard of care at puppy mills pale in comparison to standards upheld by reputable breeders. Because the standard of care is so low, many of the “manufactured” dogs are susceptible to disease.

Adopting a pet from a breeder is a worthwhile option if you can afford it. But before you drop a couple thousand on a new dog, make sure you visit the breeder. Even the most attractive web site could leave you with a false representation of the actual conditions of the breeder. Visiting the breeder always shows you the truth.

A common problem with pure breeds is a shorter life span. Genetic disorders are also common thanks to inbreeding and close breeding. The “mutt” at your local shelter is a much better choice. Mixed breeds enjoy a longer life and many genetic disorders are avoided thanks to a diverse genetic background.

Some animals that come to a shelter are there because they’ve been seized from an illegal puppy mill or from neglectful owners. Some are turned in by owners whose energy does not match the energy of the animal. When you rescue an animal compatible with your nature, you have nothing but a harmonious relationship to look forward to.

Here are three reasons to visit the shelter in Elizabethtown this week:

Rabies Clinic

This Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., the shelter is hosting a rabies clinic. Bring your dogs or cats and get their rabies license and vaccination for just $6. County dog licenses will be available for $12.

Adopt a Cat

The shelter is full of cats and kittens this week. Take one home for as little as $35. Barn cats may be adopted for $35. Cats that have not been tested for feline leukemia are $60 and cats that have been tested are $75.

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a kitten, now is a great time to do that. The shelter has almost 5 dozen kittens available for adoption. Choose from black, black & white, orange, gray, tortoise shell, calicos, tabbies, and tigers.

An adult cat you might consider taking home is Pascal.

Pascal was turned in by her owner on June 20. She is good natured and projects a calm energy. She gets along well with other cats and you can visit her in the communal cat room at the shelter.

Adopt a Dog

The shelter has a good selection of puppies and dogs available for adoption. The adoption is $80.

These two new additions are found in the puppy room at the shelter.


This black and tan miniature pinscher has a calm energy. The staff at the shelter tells me the dog is a “little touchy,” but I think this is a good dog for someone with calm assertive energy. My son Josiah was with me when I started taking photos. As soon as he started getting excited, the dog also got excited, which made it very difficult to get this photo. This dog would probably do well in a family with older children who are confident pack leaders.

This puppy was recently turned in by its owner. Unlike most puppies who get excited, jump and lunge forward to get attention, this puppy maintained a calm energy. As you can see in the photo, the pup is sitting nicely while I took this photo. If you’re the type to avoid adopting a puppy because of high energy, this is the dog for you.

Snickers would be another good addition to any family. This dog has a calm energy.

This is Spicey. I was initially attracted to Spicey because the energy of this dog was low. What I noticed immediately about Spicey, is a high confidence level. Because of this confidence, Spicey will require a pack leader who is equally confident. The staff tells me that Spicey is sweet and appears to do well with other dogs. Spicey is between 2 and 3 years old and has been at the shelter for almost two months.

Sarah is a beautiful boxer. She too caught my attention because of her low energy. As you might see in this picture, she’s gazing away from the camera. This was her initial reaction to me. That suggests to me she has a submissive nature as well. She was turned in by her owner a couple of days ago. In her previous home, she spent most of her time indoors. The previous owners said she does not do well with cats.

The shelter is located at 220 Peterson Drive in Elizabethtown. Their phone number is 270-769-3428.


From Ring Road & Patriot Parkway

Go South on Ring Rd toward Central Hardin High School. Go through the intersection of Ring Rd and St. John Rd. Cross over the railroad tracks and turn left at the first light after the tracks. The shelter will be on your right across the street from soccer fields.

From 31W and Mulberry Street

Go West on US-62 toward Cecilia. Turn right on Peterson Drive (first street after Cecilia Auto Sales). Go past the Farmer’s Market. The shelter will be on your left across the street from soccer fields.

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