Driving Mr. Rocky

Rocky is a Yorkshire Terrier. I had the pleasure of taking Rocky to his veterinary appointment yesterday. This was my first experience as a Pet Taxi driver and I couldn’t be happier with how it went.

Rocky was a terrific passenger. One improvement that I need to make is purchasing a carrier for my Jeep and some dog safety belts. My original business plan was to use a carrier provided by the pet owner, Rocky came to me with his leash only. So it seems my initial plan may not work as well as I hoped. My new plan is to equip the Jeep with one or two carriers and a few different safety belts for different dog sizes. These improvements will come with time as I continue to build the Pet Taxi business.

In the Jeep, I took the leash off him and put the back seat down so Rocky would have a comfortable place to lay…as if a Yorkie that loves car rides is going to lay down for the whole trip. Good luck with that! He stood most of the trip. He did not pace back and forth, and he gazed out the window from time to time. For the most part, he remained calm and relaxed during transport. I couldn’t have asked for a better passenger.

At the vet, he was very cooperative during the entire exam.

When I returned him to his owner, I learned how the owner prefers to keep her vet records on file at her home. I did not know this before and the vet clinic didn’t offer them back to me when I had left. So I drove back to the clinic to pick up the records and brought them back to the owner (this trip free of charge, of course).

Overall, it was a great experience and I look forward to helping others get their pets where they need to go.


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