Finding Trixie

As I turned onto the street where my next customer lived, a pit bull came galloping down the street in front of my Jeep. As I slowly approached, the dog flanked the Jeep within a couple of feet. I was afraid I might run the dog over. Fortunately, I did not. When I pulled into the driveway, the dog circled the Jeep. I turned the car off, mustered all of my calm assertive energy and opened the door. Without saying a word, I motioned for her to sit down. She did. I knelt beside her and examined her collar. She had a rabies tag and a custom-made military style dog tag. Imprinted on the dog tag was her name and the owner’s phone number.

Since I always carry a leash in my Jeep, I guided her to the back of the Jeep and opened the hatch. When I did, she tried to jump into the back of the Jeep! Quickly, I corrected her and put her into a down stay. She obeyed. I took the leash from out of my tote and clipped it to her collar. Then, I glanced at her tag again and called the phone number.

The owner said she sent someone out to find her and was very happy that I located her. I asked for her address so I could walk the dog home. I draped the long end of the leash over my shoulder and walked the dog on my left. She was very easy to control. As it turned out, the dog didn’t live very far away at all. It was only a block away.

The owner explained how the dog had escaped from the back yard the other day. Since then, they have tied the gate to prevent that from happening again. Unfortunately, Trixie was smart enough to find a way to escape from their enclosed porch. The owner said Trixie likes to run. Not surprising for a powerful breed like a pit bull. So I asked her, “Do you walk her much?” She replied, “No, but that would probably help.”

I released the dog into her care and walked back to my customer’s house.


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