It’s a Jungle Out There

After nearly a week and a half, I’m pleased to be back writing Daily Life With Pets. I apologize to you my readers for not being there over the last seven days or so. I have been very busy. In fact, every day last week, I managed to find myself trapped inside a vortex known as VBS.

Honestly, this year’s Vacation Bible School was amazing! For my son, it was his very first VBS. I was so excited to watch him participate and interact with his peers. For a three-year old, he amazed me at his social skills. It was funny to observe him. As we sang the VBS songs and added in the dance moves, he stood there at parade rest and watched while everyone else performed the movements. Eventually, he did pick up on the movements which brought me to tears. Here I was watching my son get involved in the things of God and it really touched me. Probably because I wasn’t raised in church and didn’t know God from a young age. I’m amazed at his sensitivity to God’s spirit and I pray that he continues to grow in it.

As for my wife and me, we were cast to play two roles in the skit that accompanied the VBS program. My character Jake Bernard Jordan was very versatile. He was a sports fan/expert with a tough guy façade, afraid of everything and provided much of the comic relief that related well with the children. My wife’s character Dr. “Doc” Allbright was a nerdy archaeologist with a know-it-all personality that used big words the kids probably couldn’t understand and bragged about her intelligence. Together, Jake and Doc embarked on a Jungle Safari in search of a great treasure, presumably belonging to the ancient Roly Poly Tribe.

On our adventure, we discovered five clues and uncovered five names. First, we found a medallion with a picture of the earth on it and the word “Creator.” Next, we found a raven symbol with the word “Provider.” Then, we found a paw print with the word “Protector.” Next, we found a cross with the word “Savior.” Finally, we discovered a crown with the word “King.”

Our journey led us to an ancient pillar, then along a raging river full of rapids and waterfalls. Then we sought shelter from the rain inside a cave right before we ascended a 70-degree slope to 2,000 feet above sea level through thick vegetation. Finally we happened upon the ruins of an ancient palace.

Each day was an adventure and we had a blast performing in front of the kids. The best part about our VBS experience this year is that on the night we learned that God is our Savior, 33 children accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! What’s even better about this is that the 33 who said the sinner’s prayer for the first time, did so as led by their peers! Children from our church led other children to the Lord and 33 new names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life! That’s amazing!

Now with VBS done, I’m ready to get back to work writing content you will enjoy and that will hopefully provide you with more knowledge about pets. If there is anything you’d like me to write about in the near future, please fill out the form below so I can get your feedback.

God bless!

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