New Beginnings

The Fort Knox Stray Animal Facility is getting a fresh start. According to an article published in the weekend edition of the News-Enterprise, Fort Knox and Hardin County Government have reached an agreement. Hardin County Animal Control will take responsibility for the stray animals from Fort Knox.

Formerly, MPs would bring strays running at large on post to the Stray Animal Facility. According to Army Regulation, stray animals could be housed for 3 days. Beyond 3 days, their stay was not a reimbursable NAF activity. This created much controversy in recent news when a press release was published explaining how the facility would euthanize the population of animals not adopted to the public. Fortunately, for all the animals involved, the news release prompted their adoption by the facility’s imposed deadline.

Twelve years ago, I worked as a veterinary technician in the U.S. Army. At that time, the Army stationed me at Fort Knox. I worked in what is now the Stray Animal Facility. At that time, both the veterinary treatment facility and the stray facility shared Bldg 1068 Spearhead Division Rd. Not that long ago, the Army relocated the veterinary clinic to a new location but retained Bldg 1068 as the stray facility.

The facility had about a dozen dog kennels and a cat room with stainless steel cages. The conditions of the facility were not deplorable but compared with the new shelter for Hardin County Animal Control, the animals are getting an upgrade in care.

I first heard about the deal between Fort Knox and Hardin County about two months ago before I resigned from the shelter. I think this is going to be a great partnership, especially for the animals coming from Fort Knox. As I mentioned before, Army regulation required putting animals to sleep after 3 days. Now, the animals can go to a clean facility with a greater probability of adoption.


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