Harley’s TLC

In 2011, Nick Loutchaninhoff and Jeff Vaughn said goodbye to Harley, their beloved canine companion. Harley was a special dog. Loutchaninoff and Vaughn rescued him from a life of misery. Early in life, Harley was used as a bait dog in pit bull fighting rings. Harley became an integral part of their lives and taught them that dogs are more than mere animals. They have feelings too and make remarkable companions. It was this realization that led to the creation of Harley’s TLC Kennels and Pet Sitting.

While I have not personally visited Harley’s TLC (I plan to make a visit as my busy schedule allows), Loutchaninoff and Vaughn have done an outstanding job in developing their brand. When Nick first approached me on LinkedIn, I had a sense that I could trust him. In fact, the Harley’s TLC brand is one you can trust.

I am not a particular fan of kenneling, but there are certain times you might want to kennel your pets instead of leave them at home for a pet sitter. Perhaps your dog does well in the company of other animals or maybe you’ve noticed separation anxiety or destructive chewing that would require constant supervision. In either case, boarding might be a better option.

Harley’s does more than offer kenneling services. Other services include pet visits, in-home overnight pet sitting, dog walks, midday brief walks and potty breaks, and pet taxi service. You have the option to add pet bath, nail clipping, pet food supply and delivery, and home care.

Loutchaninoff said his vision for Harley’s is to “treat your pets like our own.” It’s difficult to find someone with this kind of passion to care for your beloved companion animals when you have to travel. Hopefully, I just made it easier.

Harley’s TLC is located in Glendale, KY. They are open 24 hours 7 days a week and their store is attached to their home in Glendale. Their phone number is 270-766-9743. For more information, visit harleystlc.com.


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