Pet Sitting Better than Boarding

With summer fast approaching, families are diligently planning their vacations. From deciding where to go, how to travel, where to stay, what to eat, and what to do there is no question that planning a successful trip takes time. Another important question to answer during the planning process is what to do with the pets if they can’t go with you.

You could always board your animals. Boarding kennels and veterinary clinics have the market cornered when it comes to boarding. The downside to both is that animals often stay in tight spaces such as kennels or stainless steel cages. This can be very stressful for your pets. What’s worse, you are putting your pet in a potentially unsafe environment. Kennels are great places for communicable diseases. This is why many kennels require current vaccinations. This is a great precaution, but it’s unnecessary when you consider the alternatives.

Pet sitters are a different breed of caregiver. They offer flexibility and different delivery methods. Some pet sitters act as a boarding facility, keeping pets in their own home. The difference is how the animals live during their stay. At-home pet sitters, unlike boarding facilities, allow cats and dogs to have free range throughout the home. This is great for social animals that get along well with others. It could be dangerous if your cat or dog doesn’t like strangers.

Still, other possibilities for care exist in the form of in-home pet sitters. At PetCorps, we come to your home three or four times per day. We try to replicate your pets’ normal routine. For example, when you get up to get ready for work, you let the dogs out. We would arrive at your home at that time to make sure they get outside on schedule. Then, you leave for work and you’re gone for about 8 to 10 hours. If your pets are fine while you’re at work, then they don’t need constant supervision. We would come at the same time you arrive home from work to let them out again. For those concerned about accidents, we can stop by in the afternoon between the morning and evening visit to walk your dogs and check in on them to make sure they are doing okay. We can even stay at your home, if you require it.

Pet sitting works best if you find a company near you. That’s why PetCorps offers pet sitting only in Hardin County. Over the next couple of days, I will share with you a couple of companies that I think are great if you live elsewhere.


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