Health Fair Promotes Healthy Living for People and Pets

About a month ago, my toddler and I traveled around the six counties in PetCorps’ service area to distribute fliers in veterinary clinics. We visited Jefferson Animal Hospital’s Fern Creek office. It was a beautiful atmosphere and the staff was very friendly. They allowed us to leave fliers for their clientele but also handed me a card inviting me to their upcoming Health Fair on May 17. As much as I want to attend, I am coordinating a field trip for the boys’ ministry in my church that day. We are going to the Kentucky Railway Museum so the boys can earn their railroading badge. I’m very excited to be taking them and I can’t wait to get them there.

Although, I cannot attend the Health Fair, I promised the staff of Jefferson Animal Hospital that I would help them promote it by featuring it on my blog. I gotta tell you…I’m super excited about this event!

According to their website, Jefferson Animal Hospital started hosting health fairs in 2008. Ever since, these events have been a big hit with the community. At Saturday’s event, MediPet Plus and JH Blood Bank will be there to accept blood donations from companion animals. How cool is that? We always here about the need for human blood (by the way, a blood mobile will be there for pet parents to donate as well) but this is the first time I’ve heard about blood donations from animals. I think that is a fantastic idea and I can see how that is an important part of veterinary medicine.

Those who attend will also have the opportunity to learn about different issues as it pertains to the health and wellness of their pets. From microchipping, to nutrition, and dental care with live demonstrations, this event is sure to empower people to take better care of their pets.

So if you’re in the Fern Creek area this weekend and you’re looking for something to do for your family and pets, don’t miss this event. Head on over to the Jefferson Hospital on Bardstown Rd. near the Gene Snyder Freeway and get involved with this Health Fair.

Jefferson Animal Hospital Fern Creek Health Fair


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