Teaching Dog Care

Students, Learning, School, Children, ClassroomLast night I had an amazing opportunity.

It was a privilege to speak in front of seven children during a Royal Rangers meeting at my church last night. As part of their learning experience, Commander Tommy asked me to teach them two classes that would help them earn merit badges.

The first class was a very high-level overview about pets. The three objectives I covered were:

  • Name 5 popular household pets
  • Name 3 farm pets
  • Name 2 exotic pets

The class met all three objectives at the end of the class.

After teaching the Pets class, I transitioned to teaching Dog Care. As I’m sure you are aware, Dog Care is not an easy subject to teach because proper care of a dog involves so many different subjects.

I taught four subjects: nutrition, exercise, bathing, and clean up. I allowed the students to select the order of the subjects from a list I wrote on the white board.


I taught the children to think of their dogs differently. I taught them that even though a Chihuahua looks like a small dog and a Mastiff looks like a large dog, both breeds however distinctly different in appearance are both 98% wolf. Given that information, I asked the question, “What does a wolf eat?” The overall response was “Meat.”

I compared what wolves used to eat to what dogs eat today. I also explained the difference between the carnivore digestive system and the omnivore digestive system.

Clean Up

I explained how dog waste affects people, pets, and the environment. The children learned how they could get roundworm or hookworm disease from infected dogs. They learned how they could become a carrier of parvovirus and the severity of this disease in dogs. They also learned how not picking up dog waste could contaminate bodies of source water.


I covered this topic in brief. I discussed the different ways to exercise your dog: playing fetch, taking him for a walk or run, swimming, and jumping on a trampoline.


I explained the procedures for bathing a dog. From setting up the tub to drying the dog, the children demonstrated they understood the process by answering questions and sharing their personal experiences.

If time and resources had allowed, I would have taught on four more subject areas: cleaning ears, brushing teeth, clipping toenails, and brushing a dog. Demonstration of these additional topics would have aided the learning process.

Contact me if you would be interested in having me come speak at your school.

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