Dog Food to Help Them Thrive

Deciding what to feed your dogs is one of the most important decisions you will make in the life of your companion animals. Haphazardly choosing dog food off the grocery store shelf is the worst way to choose food.

These days, consumers are looking for food that provides more than adequate nutrition. They want food that will help their animals thrive at a reasonable price.

Without question, I truly believe the best dog food is an all-natural raw food diet made up of raw meaty bones and quality protein from human-grade animal meats. If you can afford this, it is the best thing you can do for your dogs and cats.

It’s not enough to afford the food. You must also believe in the idea that raw food is better than kibble. The community of conscientious pet parents who believe in the raw food diet is growing. They have found that by feeding their pets raw common health problems are disappearing.

Dry skin and skin allergies are common in dogs that eat foods high in wheat or corn content. High-carb diets containing wheat or corn causes dog poop to be bulkier and smellier. Preservatives and other additives cause degenerative problems. I suspect that poor nutrition causes your pets to age faster.

For some, switching from kibble to raw is not easy. However, if you are one of those people who want to switch but you’re still not sure, here’s what I propose. Take baby steps.

Start by switching your dog to a premium dog food. It’s no secret that I sell Life’s Abundance Pet Products. I decided to sell Life’s Abundance because I truly believe that it is the best alternative to grocery store dog food. Here’s why:

  • Life’s Abundance does not use artificial colors, artificial flavors, wheat or wheat gluten, and corn or corn gluten
  • Life’s Abundance uses human-grade meat that provides quality animal protein for your carnivores
  • Life’s Abundance was the first company to add prebiotic fiber and probiotics to their recipes
  • Life’s Abundance uses natural preservatives such as vitamins C and E
  • Life’s Abundance uses a proprietary blend of fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants

Since it began in 1998, Life’s Abundance has never had a product recall. That’s an amazing testimony considering the number of product recalls that occurred in 2007 and more recently.

Pictured here is my dog Buddy. He’s a Jack Russell Terrier mix. I started feeding him Life’s Abundance All-Stage Dog Food a few months ago and my father-in-law said he noticed a difference in Buddy’s coat. I noticed that our senior dog is more active and spry than he used to be. Before, he was experiencing some stiffness in his joints. Now, I see a senior dog with pep in his step.

Without a doubt, the food you feed your pets has a direct effect on their quality of life. You want what’s best for your pet – we all do. I believe that Life’s Abundance is the best food you could feed your pet. As you journey to learn more about what good nutrition looks like and as you move from kibble to premium dog food to raw food, I am here to help you make the transitions easier. Start by taking a baby step in the right direction. Soon, you’ll be on your way to happy healthier dogs.


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