How I Became a Professional Pooper Scooper

The last two days have been a blast.

On Thursday morning, I appeared as a guest on Quicksie’s Morning Show with Hollie Sexton and Jeff Noel. I talked about the Spring Special we were offering. We talked briefly about how to prevent lawn burn – dogscaping, cleaning up dog waste, and watering the lawn. Hollie even asked me to stay for a news segment when she read a report about Oregon cracking down on pet owners for not cleaning up after their pets.

Besides appearing on the show, I also learned I need to do better at taking selfies.

On Friday morning, I was in for a big surprise. I was scheduled for a guest appearance on WMMG’s Edge-Wise with Brother Steve Robbins. I thought I was coming in for a brief segment but soon learned I was going to be on an hour-long talk radio show! Brother Steve told me when he learned about my business that he didn’t know how he was going to fill an hour talking about dog waste removal. We made it work.

I told the story of how I became a pooper-scooper. It all started when I joined the military in 2002. I trained to be a vet tech for 12 weeks at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. After completing 480 hours of training, I shipped to my first duty station in Yongsan Garrison, South Korea. Because I was one of six graduates who arrived in Korea, I was assigned to work at Headquarters and Headquarters Company. It was an office job unrelated to my training, but I got through it.

One day, my First Sergeant came to me and asked, “Private Smith, do you know how to express anal glands on a dog?” I told her I had seen it done but had not done it myself. She led our mascot “Tank” and me outside and walked me through the process. This was the very first thing I did as a vet tech.

Later, they assigned me to work as a veterinary technician at Osan Air Base. My sergeant asked me to clean up the dog waste in the kennels that ran alongside the clinic. Using a claw-type pooper scooper, I scooped the poop.

Over the years, I cleaned up plenty of dog and cat poop. I never thought of the business opportunity until I stumbled upon it on Entrepreneur Magazine’s website. There, I discovered I “could be a professional pooper scooper.” The rest is history.


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