3 ways to prevent lawn burn

In owning a dog, have you ever noticed how certain areas of your yard sometimes turn yellow? Those patches of yellow circles happen because of too much nitrogen in the soil. The nitrogen gets there from two sources:

  • Urine
  • Feces

Urine is the usual culprit when it comes to burning your lawn but feces can also cause lawn burn. It’s called “lawn burn” because it looks like something scorched the grass. I guess that’s better than calling it what it really is: dead grass.

If you long for greener grass and want to keep your dogs, here are three things you can do to prevent lawn burn.

Dogscape your yard

There’s a relatively new trend in landscaping called dogscaping. Dogscaping is simply landscaping with your dog’s needs in mind. One way you can prevent lawn burn is to establish an area of your yard as your dog’s potty area. Section off the area, fill it with pea gravel, and install a pee-post in the middle of it. The pee-post uses pheromones to attract dogs that happily pee on it. Since the area is covered in pea gravel, there is no grass so no lawn burn.

Scoop the poop

Dog waste contributes smaller amounts of nitrogen into the soil than does dog urine, but it can still do some damage. Scoop the poop immediately after the dog drops it and flush it down the toilet. You could also hire a professional pooper-scooper who will regularly clean up and remove the dog waste from your yard.

Water your lawn

Water your lawn regularly. It’s best to do this early in the morning in the cool of the day. Water it just enough to dampen the soil.

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