Help Shelter Animals in Your Community

Today is the official end of National Scoop the Poop Week. So far, I have provided a Spring Cleaning to one customer in Hardin County. In keeping with my promise, I have sent the customer an 8-pound bag of Life’s Abundance All Stage Dog Food and I will donate $10 in her name to Hardin County Animal Control.

Although Scoop the Poop Week ends today, my offer still stands until Friday of this week.

  • Get 10% off your Spring Cleaning
  • Receive a free bag of dog food, valued at $26
  • Get $10 donated in your name to your county’s animal shelter

I realize many people will not become a regular PetCorps customer. That’s okay. I do hope those who are do-it-yourself pooper scoopers will call on me to provide them a one-time cleaning to help support the homeless animals in their county. If I get 10 Spring Cleaning customers in each county I serve, that’s $100 going to six shelters. The money can go a long way in providing food and supplies to the animals in the shelter.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you understand the big job of Spring Cleaning your yard. Just scooping up the dog waste that has accumulated all winter can take up to an hour or more to clean depending on the number of dogs you have. If you’re as busy as most people these days, you don’t have an hour you can freely devote to scooping dog poop. That’s where I come in. I find, collect, and haul away the dog waste saving you time for the more important things on your to do list.

In Bullitt, Hardin, Jefferson, Larue, Meade, and Nelson Counties, call me toll-free at 877-402-4427 to schedule your Spring Cleaning. As long as you call me by Friday this week, I will honor the sales price and promotion. You’ll get a clean yard, a bag of dog food, and $10 donated in your name to your local animal shelter. You can also order your Spring Cleaning online by visiting and clicking on the “Buy Now” button.

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