Why I love pet sitting

Our number one post of all time was Pet Sitting for Clients at Christmastime published on February 21, 2011. My wife Jeannie wrote it back when we still offered pet sitting as a service from PetCorps.

Pet sitting is a fulfilling and meaningful job. It’s been several years since we offered pet sitting as a service from PetCorps but as it turns out, it’s one of the most popular topics we’ve written about in five years.

I asked my wife to reflect on her post from February 21, 2011; however, she is very busy these days. She told me that everything she wrote still holds true to her today.

The last time we pet sat for a customer was the week our son was born. We were currently on a two-week contract providing a check-in visit once a day Monday through Thursday for two dogs in Glendale, KY. It just so happened that Thursday morning, my wife’s water broke and we went to the hospital. 15 hours later, Josiah was born. I missed my pet sitting appointment that day; however, I did call and talk to the owner. We concluded our contract the following week, with baby Josiah in tow on the daily visit. Our customer was so kind to give us a toy lamb for his crib. It was very thoughtful of them and Josiah got a lot of use out of it.

This is not why I love pet sitting. As Jeannie wrote, the “animals become a part of your life…I always look forward to going back because I have adopted them as my own.” I love pet sitting simply because I love animals.

I enjoy going to people’s homes, checking in on their pets, ensuring they have food and water and get a chance to catch some fresh air and to relieve themselves. I love the opportunity to throw a ball or some other toy to give each animal the love and affection it deserves while its owners are away.

I love helping dogs feel comfortable in their home environment. One of the most stressful times for pets is when their human companions travel. Often, owners board their pets in facilities with cramped cages. The sounds and smells of other strange animals can be a stressor to your companion animal. Pet sitting at home is often a better alternative whenever possible because the animals get to stay in a comfortable environment.

When we offered pet sitting, we made a point of learning the animals’ schedule and habits so we could replicate that while the owners were away. Our efforts yielded happier peaceful animals and happy owners when they returned.

As PetCorps continues to build its dog waste removal customer base, we do have plans to bring pet sitting back to Hardin County.

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