6 Foods to Feed Your Dogs


So you’ve read about the dog foods to stop feeding your pets and now you’re looking for a safe alternative to offer your dogs.

You’ve started paying attention to food labels, carefully examining the ingredients list, the guaranteed analysis, and the AAFCO statement.

You understand the importance of feeding animal-based proteins to your pet carnivores. You also know how important it is to supply your dogs with a good amount of animal fat.

But did you know that some of the nutrients listed on the Guaranteed Analysis are not necessary?

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are essential to all mammals; however, when included in dog foods oxidation can occur rendering long chain Omega 3s as ineffective. According to Dr. Randy Aronson, America’s Radio Pet Vet, it is best to add Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids at serving time. You can do this by pricking a capsule of fish oil with a pin and squeezing the liquid onto the food at serving time.

Besides overall content, price is also an issue. According to Dr. Karen Becker, you should choose a food that offers the highest nutritional content that you can reasonably afford.

The table below compares 6 brands that I think offer your pets the best nutritional value.

Dog Food Price per Pound Crude Protein Crude Fat Moisture Crude Fiber Omega 6 Fatty Acids Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Grain Free Pork & Potato 30 lb
$1.23 24% 14% 10% 5% at least 2.4% at least 0.3%
Diamond Naturals
Grain Free Chicken & Sweet Potato 28.8 lb
$1.39 24% 14% 10% 5% at least 2.4% at least 0.3%
Taste of the Wild
Pacific Stream with Salmon 30 lb
$1.43 25% 15%
Wellness Complete Health
Lamb, Barley, & Salmon 30 lb
$1.57 22% 12% 11% 3% at least 2.3% at least 0.8%
Life’s Abundance
All Stage Dog Food, 40 lb
$1.63 26% 16% 10% 3.50% at least 2.45% at least 0.4%
Nature’s Logic
Chicken Meal Dinner 24.6 lb
$2.00 38.30% 18.10% at least 4.05% at least 0.99%

Have you used any of the brands above? Or maybe you’ve used a different brand that works fantastic for you? If so, please share your experience below in the comments to help other pet parents in their quest for the best dog food.

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