4 Reasons to Walk Your Dog

To kick off our top 10 posts of all time, we want to talk about walking your dog. The top 10 post was Dog Walking Service published on August 18, 2010. The post was about a new service PetCorps was rolling out at that time. PetCorps discontinued the dog walking service; however, they do have plans to bring it back to market in the near future. Because the post was an advertisement for the service, I have rewritten the topic to be relevant to dog owners.

Nothing builds the relationship between you and your dog more than taking a walk. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why you feel the need to spell it out in conversations with family and friends when your dog is listening. Just mentioning the word “walk” flips a switch in your dog. As the enthusiasm surfaces in your dogs, tails wag and butts wiggle. Nothing makes your dog feel more alive than getting the chance to go on a walk with you. Maybe it’s just because they want to break up the monotony of laying around all day. Or maybe it has more to do with the human-animal bond between a dog and his master. Whatever the reason, a walk is good exercise for both you and your dog.

Getting some fresh air

I don’t know about you, but I love being outside. There’s something energizing and refreshing about going outside.

In Kentucky, beautiful scenery is everywhere. The colors are vibrant in the spring and fall. It just feels good being outside. How much more exciting is this for your dog?

Some cool things happen when you take your dog for a walk:

  1. It enriches their life. As they walk with you, they get to explore the environment. In exploring nature, they learn about animals, flowers, cars, and the experience stimulates cognitive parts of their brain.
  2. They get to meet new faces. Owning a dog is said to make us more social. Walking a dog encourages social interaction. Passersby will stop and greet both you and your dog. They might even have a dog or two with them that will stop to greet your dog.
  3. Health benefits. You benefit from getting Vitamin D from the sun. Not to mention, walking your dog is good low impact cardiovascular exercise that is good for your heart. It also reduces stress in both you and your dog.
  4. Accountability. Walking your dog is a great way to get on the move. While many people feel like they don’t have time to work out at the gym, simply walking your dog keeps you accountable and helps burn calories to help with weight management.

Have you walked your dog today?


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