Winter Maintenance from PetCorps

It’s been a good winter here in Kentucky. It reminds me of growing up in Toledo, OH with all the snow cover we’ve had in the past few weeks. It’s also been good for business.

Many people stop doing yard work when weather gets cold. The downside is that dogs keep soiling the yard even when there’s snow and ice on the ground.

Here is some work I did in a recent yard. The yard was not cleaned for a week because Mother Nature hit us with two bouts of snow, both on regular service days. After seven days, this is what the yard looked like:


You would think I’d be crazy to try to scoop dog poop in this kind of situation. As for me, I had no choice because it had already been a week since I scooped and I wasn’t looking forward to what it would look like after thawing.


This small crater reveals dog waste hidden beneath the snow.


Here, I am excavating the waste from the crater. For this kind of work, I really need a pick axe!

At the end of cleaning this yard, here’s what I collected that was visible.


Now, this is the same yard a week later after the snow melted.




Now, imagine what this job would have been like if I hadn’t cleaned it in the snow.


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