God Has a Plan


Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night. It was 3:17 a.m.

As I lay there trying to fall back asleep, I suddenly heard the words “Copán Ruinas.” This is a town in Honduras where a family from our church is now living in response to God’s missionary call on their lives.

I said, “Better get up and pray for them.”

As I did, I spent 15 minutes praying in tongues for this family and the town of Copán Ruinas. I was trying to discern if I needed to go there or sow money for someone else to go.

I decided to look at morningstarmissions.org to see what the Paul family was up to. On their page, you can click a link to give money for different campaigns.

There were three campaigns but the one that resonated within me the most was the campaign to build a church in La Laguna.

A few days later, I was at church during pre-service prayer and clearly heard the Holy Spirit tell me to go to Honduras.

My church is organizing a missions trip to Honduras this July. I will be going. I am trusting in The Lord to provide for me the financial means to do it. I know He will, through my job, through my business, and through contributions from people who want to send me to preach the gospel in a foreign land.

While PetCorps is my yes, missions is the why behind PetCorps. Yes, we aim to provide a better life for people and pets but we also aim to have the freedom to travel when God says, “Go.”


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