Aggressive Dog Stops Mail Delivery in NH

Dogs are 98% wolf. Tweaking just two or three genes is all it takes to create a different breed of dog. Research by Balyaev suggests that friendliness and aggressiveness are also inherited traits.

In another post, I expressed my distaste for the way dogs are profiles based upon their breed. While it is certainly true that not all “aggressive” breeds (pit bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, etc) are not at all aggressive, their are members of the breed who are. It boils down to why they were bred.

Pit bulls were originally bred for bullbaiting, an aggressive and in humane way of slaughtering bulls. Thought to tenderize meat, bullbaiting dogs were released upon a bull to attack and kill it. To perpetuate the breed, it is reasonable to assume that those aggressive members were bred over the years.

There is also much debate over nature vs. nurture. However, I think that if a dog is genetically aggressive, there is no amount of nurturing you can do to change it. You would be better off to adopt a friendly dog.

This news report is about an aggressive dog in New Hampshire. Since the dog moved in, it has rushed mail carriers on three separate occasions. Now, the mail is not delivered due to the risk. The owner says he is working on training the dog. This might help but there are definitely some steps he should take in the meantime.

1. Install a privacy fence. The fence should be a wood panel fence and it should be high enough that the dog cannot climb or jump over it.
2. Put up a beware of dog sign. This is just a safety awareness sign. If a sign is posted, it should serve as a warning to anyone entering the property that they do so at their own risk.
3. Keep the dog inside during the day. If possible, this would be an ideal solution to correct the problem. The dog should not be able to get outside unless a dog door is installed that gives the dog access only to the fenced in back yard.

There are probably numerous other suggestions you could use to keep your dog, your mail carrier, and your neighborhood safe. What ideas do you have?


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