A Secret to a Peaceful Marriage

by Jason Smith

Wedding Bouquet
Bouquet, rings, and necklace.

The summer months are renowned for their outdoor weddings. June is the number one month for weddings but with July and August in sight, more weddings will abound.

If you’ve taken a marriage course or premarital counseling from your church, you already know that marriage is work. Too often, young people come together in marriage with illusions of grandeur, that marriage is a magical fairy tale ending that we’ve waited for all of our lives. Counseling has a sobering effect that helps couples realize that marriage is a work in progress. Nobody is perfect and when two imperfect people come together in holy matrimony they seldom become perfect. Instead, you now have two imperfect people with distinct preferences and interest that agree to live together. To make this work, the two will need to compromise–making adjustments and giving concessions–in order to live in peace.

One of the first things a couple should discuss is the roles each one will play. Do you hold traditional values where the husband works while the wife stays at home? Or do you adopt contemporary values where both spouses work?

Who does the dishes? The laundry? How about cooking? Who takes out the trash and does the budget? Who mows the grass? And most importantly, who cleans up after the dog?

It may seem frivolous to even ask such questions but the truth is something as little as scooping dog poop could have a drastic impact on the marriage relationship.

People have strong feelings about dog waste. No one likes stepping in it. It’s gross and it stinks but instead of sharing in the responsibility, 40% of married women are the poop scoopers in their home. That’s fine if you’re a woman who likes gross smelly things. But do you really enjoy doing this necessary chore? Wouldn’t it be better if your husband would clean it up instead?

Almost nobody likes to pick up dog poop. When a spouse feels like they have to do it, they could come to resent and disrespect the other person. Resentment is like a poison that can infect even the most honorable marriage unions. Over time, resentment can build until it results in divorce.

We can help save your marriage. Take the guesswork out of who is going to scoop dog poop by hiring PetCorps to do the dirty work for you. We will come to your yard once a week to clean up and haul away the dog waste. Then, you can focus on more important things like romance.

If you got married this summer, we’ve got a deal for you: save 18% on weekly service.

Visit kypooperscooper.com to request service. Enter promotional code JSTMRD13.

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