What dog poop means to your business

by Jason Smith


40% of people do not pick up after their pets. 44% of these still won’t pick up even if they have to pay a fine. What do these numbers mean for your business?

Roughly 18 out of 100 people will not pick up dog poop. The average family owns 4 dogs. That means 72 dogs are allowed to poop wherever they please and the waste is left unmanaged.

The average dog produces 3/4 pounds of waste per day, depending on what he eats. In a week, the 72 dogs will leave 54 pounds of waste on the ground. That’s 378 pounds per week or 19,655 pounds of waste per year. That’s some serious s—!

What does that do to our environment?
The aggregate waste is flushed into storm drains where it remains untreated. The waste ends up in rivers and lakes causing contamination up to and including the death of fish populations.

In your own back yard, dog waste accumulations can cause patches of grass to thicken and sprout up, however, it is not a successful fertilizer. In fact, the nitrogen in dog poop could cause yellow spots throughout your yard.

Dog waste is a health hazard for people and pets. While medications such as Heartgard effectively manage intestinal parasites such as roundworms and hookworms, bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella are present in dog waste and could be harmful to people. Children are most susceptible because of poor hygiene habits; however, pets could act as vectors by tracking the pathogens inside.

Anyway you slice it, dog poop must be cleaned up. It’s not enough to fine people for not picking up after their pets. We can help you rid your property of dog waste and you’ll be doing something good for the environment.

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