We’re There for You

by Jason Smith

The sun peeked through the stratus clouds as they began to break up at dawn. The sky was a brilliant orange mixed with blue, almost suggestive of imminent rain. The forecast yesterday called for a 60% chance of rain, so I saw this as confirmation of a wet day of scooping dog poop.

Windshield Rain photo by Jason Smith (c) 2012 ReALife LLCScooping poop in the rain is just part of the responsibilities of a pooper scooper. Dog waste may contain pathogens that are harmful to people and pets. When it rains, rainwater flushes these contaminants into storm drains and ground water causing source water contamination. As the current carries the contaminants downstream, the potential exists to pollute our waterways.

One of the principle components of dog waste, nitrogen can combine in the water to form ammonia. High levels of ammonia have been known to kill fish in lakes and streams. In fact, according to an EPA report, contaminants in source water have been traced back to dogs. One would think that wildlife waste also contributes to source water contamination, and it does; but dog waste is something that we have control over, although, most people don’t pick it up because

  • it’s disgusting
  • it smells
  • they don’t have time to do it

That’s where we come in. We brave the heat, the cold, the snow, and the rain to make sure that your yard is free of dog waste. It has been a few years since we’ve had a significant rainy season in Kentucky but I remember a season in my first few years of scooping where it seemed that every week I came home dripping and soggy from head to toe because of the volume of rain and puddles I slushed through. The only weather we do not scoop in is severe weather, characterized by thunder and lightning or other emergencies (i.e. tornado). Lightning poses a serious hazard for our scoopers because our equipment is made out of metal.

Fortunately, it did not rain today, much to my surprise. Instead, I had beautiful sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s.

Today, I received some warm feedback from one of my customers in Elizabethtown, KY. When I arrived at his home, he was jumping on a trampoline with one of his children while his wife was helping another child onto the jungle gym platform attached to the slide. All three of the dogs were outside and greeted me with friendly barks. My new friend Gobi rushed to greet me and brought me a tennis ball to pitch for him. It’s as if last Saturday happened only yesterday. I gladly accepted Gobi’s request to throw the ball. Meanwhile, their son came over to say hi and he watched me intently as I scooped a few of my first piles of poop this afternoon.

In a few minutes, Mr. D. went into the house and brought back to me a copy of the contract I mailed to him. He said, “I really appreciate the service that you provide. It gives me time to spend with my kids.”

“When I got here,” I said, “I really loved seeing you spend time with your family. That makes what I do totally worth it.”

“Our dogs were our kids first,” he said. “But now with our kids, I just don’t have the time to clean it up like I’d want to. You really help out.”

I love to receive this kind of feedback. Just this interaction showed me something that I have been missing this whole time. Yes, we help people to “Pursue Life” and “Live Better” by providing them with more time for the important things in life, but right here, I saw the benefit this customer received from me. His life pursuit and better living comes from having more time to spend with his children. And with this, a new marketing campaign is born. However, I will not be able to share what that campaign is until we launch it, but be on the lookout for something new from PetCorps in the next few months.

For more information, visit http://www.kypooperscooper.com

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