Looking for quality service professionals? Check out Thumbtack

by Jason Smith

Yesterday afternoon, I had to take my son Josiah to a pediatric urologist in Louisville, KY to determine whether we needed to have corrective surgery done on his circumcision. Earlier that day, I had to clean a yard in Radcliff so I was dressed in my pooper-scooper gear at the time of his appointment.

When we went back to the room, the nurse said, “I’m sorry. I just have to ask about your shirt.”


On the front of the shirt is the PetCorps logo with the words DOG WASTE REMOVAL SERVICE in stencil. On the back, there is a large graphic designed by Ace Signs & Graphics in Elizabethtown, KY that reads “WE SCOOP DOG POOP” with our phone number. It was clear to me that the nurse had spotted the message on the back of my shirt.

So I briefly described to her what I do. “Once a week, I go to residential yards to clean up and haul away all the dog waste in the yard. This way, people don’t have to even mess with the waste. Other companies dispose of waste in the customer’s trash while we actually haul it away and dispose of it in a dumpster in Radcliff.”

Needless to say, she was thoroughly impressed. “That’s a fantastic idea!” She said. She proceeded to inform me that she also had a cleaning business. She asked me if I had ever marketed on Thumbtack.com. I told her I had not and that I was not familiar with the web site. After speaking with her, she convinced me that Thumbtack would be a credible source for getting quality customers.

Thumbtack allows service professionals to bid on business from potential customers. Consumers who are looking for quality service at discount prices need look no further.

I am proud to announce that ReALife LLC is now officially listed on Thumbtack. Check us out here, and while you’re there, browse around and see if there are other services that can help you.


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