Don’t be a LION – Use LinkedIn Responsibly

by Jason Smith

I recently read an article on LinkedIn about reasons why people will ignore connection requests and I was inspired to follow up on it. In my personal network, I have found that most of the people I know have no clue about what LinkedIn is or why they should sign up for it. I think some of these people are just overwhelmed with the number of social networking sites that they simply refuse to use anything other than Facebook. However, by not having a profile on LinkedIn, they could be missing out on important networking opportunities with regard to their employability.

When I first joined LinkedIn, I was not a very active member. Since I installed LinkedIn’s iPhone app to my device, I’ve been able to really explore what LinkedIn has to offer. I do have to confess, I am guilty of being a LION, as defined by the author of Why A ‘Request To Connect’ Gets Ignored On LinkedIn. I let the excitement of connecting with people drive me to build a network of more than 500 business professionals whom I don’t personally know. I know some of my connections personally, but I would estimate that at maybe 2% of my total connections. If you are thinking about signing up for LinkedIn do not make my mistake and be a LION. After all, what’s the point of having a large network? LinkedIn should be used professionally to connect with people you know. If you request to connect with every suggested connection, you will probably be seen as a spammer. And who likes receiving spam? No one.

My encouragement is this: join LinkedIn to connect professionally. Then, be professional and connect to people you know or who you’ve connected with in person. I have resolved to stop being a LION, because quality connections are more important than quantity.


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