Changing Business

Over the last four months, our business has undergone some drastic changes. Some were temporary and others permanent, but our mission is still to help the working family take care of their pets.

In May, my wife and me were blessed with the birth of our firstborn son, Josiah. In the weeks leading up to his birth, we put out a notice to our pet sitting clients that we would be suspending the service for maternity leave – after all my wife was the primary pet sitter for our company and after giving birth to our son she would need time to recover. So we discontinued pet sitting for 8 weeks.

Just as the summer was beginning to wind down, we decided to start looking at houses. With the possibility of buying a house, we realized that our current income would not allow us to achieve that dream of becoming a homeowner. Therefore, we discussed it in detail and decided that it would be in the best interest for our family for my wife to start working a part-time job. I already work full-time, but that wasn’t going to be enough to make ends meet if we purchased a new home. At that time, Jeannie started looking for a job and we had to make another decision that would ultimately affect our pet sitting clients: without a pet sitter, we were forced to discontinue our pet sitting service indefinitely.

This was not an easy decision to make but without a pet sitter, we had no other choice. With pet sitting out, we have refocused our efforts on growing the dog waste removal service business. I still clean yards on Saturdays, except when my brother-in-law is kind enough to do it for me.

We have big plans to grow the business into the surrounding areas in the next 5 years. I would like to see our service take care of pet owners in Nelson, Larue, Meade, and Bullitt counties. As we approach our fifth year anniversary, we are excited to implement a plan to make that happen.


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