Pursue Life. Live Better. Now.

As a small business owner, I have taken the initiative to pursue an education in business. Prior to starting my business in 2007, I had no designated educational objective and starting the business actually prompted me to learn more about business. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing well. So I began a rigorous course of attending night classes at Sullivan University at Fort Knox. In 2009, I successfully completed my Associate of Science Degree in Business Administrative Office Management. As a result of my new found skills, I decided to put my education to work by getting a full time job at Cardinal Health. Although I have a full-time office job, I still take pride in doing my business part-time.

Currently, I am taking a marketing class and the class has inspired me to take a new look at what my business is all about. Originally, in 2007, I created a catchy tag-line for my business: “Too Pooped to Scoop? We do the dirty work so you don’t have to!” But having revisited what my business really does for my customers, I have decided to abandon the old and bring in a fresh new perspective on doing business as a professional pooper-scooper. The new focus is encompassed in the following phrase: “Pursue Life. Live Better. Now.”

I realized that the old tag-line implied that “If you don’t feel like picking up dog crap, pay us to do the dirty work for you.” Of course, that is not what we think of our customers and we decided a new direction was necessary. Our customers are made up of different kinds of people. We serve retired military, the elderly, young business owners, and active duty military. Each of these groups of people have unique and special needs, but one thing we all need is more time. We’re all looking for more time to do things that are important to us. And one of the chief benefits our customers get is more time.

Think about this: The time you spend cleaning up dog waste, is time that could be spent pursuing your hopes and dreams. We want our customers to know that no matter what their passion in life, our service will help to give them more time to pursue life.

It’s no secret that dog waste can carry various diseases and organisms, some of which can be transmitted from animal to man. You may be familiar with roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, or Giardia, to name a few. These disease-causing organisms can be shed in the stool of infected animals; this is precisely why dog waste cannot be used as a fertilizer for your garden. Furthermore, the organisms can enter the ground water when it rains. No matter how you look at it, dog waste in general is not safe or healthy to have in a yard where your pets and children play. Our service helps you to live better by removing the source of potential disease.

Finally, we made a decision that some of those life pursuits and passions involve enjoying your yard in a recreational manner. Whether its playing tag, football, soccer, volleyball, or simply stepping out on the back porch or patio to enjoy the fresh air, we felt that it would be important to make that need more readily accessible by cleaning yards earlier so that you can enjoy all those benefits now.

Dirty work? Done. Pursue Life. Live Better. Now.

One thought on “Pursue Life. Live Better. Now.

  1. Michael Long says:


    Congratulation on the new tag line. It’s great to see that you are willing to test your assumptions and move out of your comfort zone. While the old one was catchy, the new one opens more opportunities. Great job!

    Michael Long
    Online Community Manager
    Alumni Affairs Office
    Sullivan University

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