Wife Joins in on the Fun

This past Saturday, my wife Jeannie decided that she would accompany me while out cleaning yards. This made for an interesting and fun-filled work day. Although she didn’t get to clean many yards, the ones she did help me with she did a good job. I will admit she was a little hesitant to get started in her first yard, and not for the reasons that most people would think. Her chief concern was that she was afraid she wouldn’t do such a good job. I can honestly say that I know how she feels.

Three years ago when I started this business, I was nervous, too, that I wouldn’t do a good job. My aim was to clean up 100% of the dog waste in people’s yards, and when I would discover droppings that I missed on my first and second passes through a yard, I felt terrible. I’d think, “How in the world did I miss that?”

Well, after three years, I am confident that the level of service I provide is 99.7-100%.

Jeannie said she enjoyed spending the day with me and even though she self-proclaimed that she is “fired” from poop-scooping, she said there is a possibility that she may return with me to do more fieldwork in the future.


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